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Work in Progress - More Features & Functionality Added Every Night

It's been a while, I've learned some things.

Introducing Write or Die 3

I'm back and so is Write or Die. All new and improved in every possible way. More modes, more customization, more peril, more rewards, more colors, shinier UI, slicker backgrounds.


The old version is (and always will be) available at v2.writeordie.com, Write or Die 2 is still available but for now does not work with OS X High Sierra, I will be working on an update for it. The laptop I developed it on died and I'm trying to resurrect the dev environment

All New Write or Die Online

  • Better UI
  • Fancier file saving
  • Shiny reward mode
  • Leaderboards for Write or Die online!
  • More languages (not quite yet, but I have built in support for other languages, see Translation page if you'd like to help out)
  • Files saved to browser storage for better backup
  • Just, a whole lot of stuff, look around

ALL NEW Desktop App :: Write or Die 3!

NOTE: This should be considered beta software. I'm releasing now because I want to get a version out before the end of November but I know there are bugs. I will be working tirelessly to triage and extinguish them but you have been advised


  • So much customization
  • Export as Docx
  • Statistics!
  • Projects, to keep your writing more organized
  • Open file in Word Processor
  • Peril mode, save the cat!
  • ShareSquare (downloadable png) for bragging about your writing session and progress on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter
  • Session analysis

    • Get an indepth view of your writing session so you can see which parts were easier/harder to write
    • Figure out the stuff that comes easily and the stuff that trips you up
  • Stimulus

    • Lots more images
  • Consequence
    • Peril mode
    • Fugly mode (coming soon)
    • Kamikaze monster mode (coming soon)
  • Reward
    • Travel (see the exotic locales you'll visit with your royalties)
    • Kaleidoscope (keep writing for pretty colors)
    • Confetti when you reach your milestones

All modes customizable with your own images, even create your own image categories for each mode. All folders are stored in the _images folder in your Write or Die 3 save folder (you'll be prompted to pick a folder when you first open the app).

Coming Soon (Before the end of November)

  • More statistics (consistency, more averages, prettier dashboards)
  • SPOTIFY connectivity
  • Yet more customization
  • Multiple language support, if you are bilingual and would like a free copy in exchange for translation please get in touch with me drwicked[at]writeordie.com
  • User account system for syncing your stats across computers
  • Automatic updates, get the latest version automatically (soon, I hope, there's automatic update notification presently)

What's in WorD2 that's not yet in WorD3 but probably will be

  • VLC connectivity (I'm not sure how many people use this)


I'm sorry for my absence, I'm sorry for all the people I haven't replied to. Would you believe the inventor of this fear-based self-punishment tool has issues with anxiety? Crazy, right? But I've learned a lot since last I spoke and I want to invest in improving Write or Die and hopefully building a community around it. I've been working on this harder than I've worked on anything. I hope you like it. Once again, I'm sorry to those I haven't gotten back to, please feel free to get in touch @drwicked or drwicked­čÄ▒writeordie.com

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